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Blog Post Reflections

For our first assignment, our group accidentally posted two and so Professor Smitka requested that for our second post we should each do a reflection.

Aidan- For my first blog post I did a comparison of Consumer Price Index and the Breakeven Inflation rate. When creating my post I found it evident that significant increases and decreases of the CPI are indicators of inflation. However, through an explanation and graph posted by Professor Smitka of seasonally adjusted CPI I learned something different. With the seasonally adjusted data, the graph had more peaks and troughs, which did not line up with the inflation rate. This reflects the post by Wickham and Bolland of the importance that seasonal adjustments has on economics. As for the comments, it was intriguing to hear alternative viewpoints, such as how the volatility of gas could have an alternative effect on CPI. I also enjoyed being able to respond to comments, especially the questions provided. In the future I will continue to attempt to provide insightful ideas and questions when commenting as they are helpful for delving further into the blog post topic.


Jack- For my first post I observed the correlation between degree of education and unemployment rates. I learned several lessons from my first post, which I feel are valuable to share with the rest of the class. The first being that it is useful to connect a blog post with weekly concepts discussed in class. Doing so has make each most much more interesting to read. From the software on FRED I found that it was extremely useful to the “add line” feature after clicking “edit graph.” Doing so, allowed me to add multiple lines to my graph, ranging from high school degree level unemployment rate to doctoral degree unemployment rate. This feature has made it much easier for me to show the differences between differing education levels and is much more efficient than posting five separate graphs. An area that I wished I had initially incorporated was the ability to incorporate an interactive graph. This feature makes it easier to observe quantitative data and dates, thus allowing for easier user experience. Creating my first blog post was a great experience and taught many lessons. I hope you all can learn from my narrative.



10 thoughts on “Blog Post Reflections

  1. clintong20

    Jack - I, too, really appreciate the depth and accuracy of FRED. On my blog, I was able to find out that you can combine two graphs to form a more specific comparison. Additionally, I tried to add lines and that, too, increases accuracy. I believe that FRED should be utilized a lot more!

  2. bearupk20

    Thank you for sharing your reflections. I feel it is important for everyone to know about how data can seem skewed because of seasonality. Many people do not know this about graphs, like most of us at the beginning of this course, and it is important to know in order to properly interpret the data. The tools provided by FRED, such as trend lines as Jack mentioned, are helpful to clarifying information and drawing comparisons between different relevant components.

  3. Jimmie Johnson III

    I think these blog post are actually a highlight of the class. When the prof first mentioned them I was curious to see how they would go. I have been pleasantly surprised with how in depth and interesting each post is. Also, the fact that we haven't had any overlapping topics shows how large and complex the economy is.

  4. Lauren Fredericks

    Aidan, I think your post, the prof's comment, and your subsequent reflection definitely helped to illustrate the importance of seasonally adjusting data. It really shows how much volatility is present within a short amount of time. And Jack, I agree that FED graphs offer so many options for additions and changes of viewpoint!

  5. spencerc20

    Both of these are interesting reflections. Aidan, it's especially interesting how seasonally adjusting the CPI changed how the data could be interpreted relative to interest rates. Jack, your comment on the add line feature of FRED was extremely helpful and led Kassi and I to add a line to our graph when we did our own post.

  6. Chris Surran

    Jack, I too wish that I was more familiar with FRED for my first post. It definitely would have been helpful to combine my two graphs into one using the add line feature. All in all, definitely some lessons learned this semester.

  7. myerse20

    Aiden- very cool that from Professor Smitka's comment, you were able to learn much more about seasonality. Your explanation of your original thoughts, his comment, and your current understanding also helped me get a better understanding of the importance of seasonal adjustments.

  8. alisonw20

    Mr. Ware,
    It is so nice that you brought up the fact that FRED allows you to manipulate graphs in order to portray the information more effectively. I wish that I would have done that in my most recent blog post as it would have helped convey my ideas to my fellow bloggers. Thanks for illuminating this resource so that I can make better use of FRED graphs in the future.

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