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MWF 12:20p-1:15p in CGL 104
MWF 2:30p-3:25p in Huntley 323
physical space permitting, feel free to move between sections
K&W = Krugman and Wells, ML = Marc Levinson
Week Day topic assignments
Week O
8 Sept
Friday Macro Data: Thinking About Geography K&W Chs 1-4 self-review
Week I
11-15 Sept
Mon Intl Trade & Forex:  Productivity: Gains from Trade and Comparative Advantage K&W Chap 5
Wed Imports are GOOD! KW Ch 5
Fri Crossing Borders: Intl S&D for US$ and Forex KW Ch 19, 573-579
Week II
18-22 Sept
Mon Datacheck: forex and trade K&W Chap 5, 19; FRED
Wed Macroeconomic Metrics (I): GDP KW Ch 7
Fri Price Indices: CPI (also GDP deflator) KW Ch 7
weekend Extraordinary Time: Paper #1 due Monday in class
Week III
25-29 Sept
Mon Datacheck: GDP growth over time
Wed Macroeconomic Metrics (II): Employment & U KW Ch 8
Fri Inflation KW Ch 8
Week IV
2-6 Oct
Mon St Louis conference no class
Wed Growth: Supply Side: K, L KW Ch 9
Fri Supply side: Productivity KW Ch 9
weekend Take Home: Midterm #1 due Monday in class
Week V
9-13 Oct
Mon Stocks vs Flows: K & S-I K&W 10
Wed Stocks vs Flows: L: Demography KW Ch 10
Fri 13 Oct Reading Day no class
Week VI
16-20 Oct
Mon AD: Consumption – why is it smooth? K&W Chap 11
Wed AD: Investment – why is it volatile? KW Ch 9
Fri AD: G, X exports, M imports KW Ch 11
weekend Extraordinary Time: Paper #2 due Monday in class
Week VII
23-27 Oct
Mon Multiplier: Demand-side endogeneity: why shocks get amplified K&W Chap 11
Wed AD & AS: Short-run equilibrium K&W Ch 12
Sticky Prices
Fri AD & AS: Longer-run equilibrium K&W Ch 12
30 Oct - 3 Nov
Mon Datacheck - FP (I): Federal tax & expenditures K&W Chap 13
Wed FP (II): leads & lags KW Ch 13
Fri FP (III): Deficits KW Ch 13
weekend Take Home: Midterm #2 due Monday in class
Week IX
6-10 Nov
Mon FP (IV): Sustainability: Japan case study K&W Chap 13
Wed Money: characteristics, or why Bitcoin isn't K&W Ch 14
Fri Banks: how money's created K&W Ch 14
Week X
13-17 Nov
Mon Monetary Policy: FOMC K&W Chap 15
Wed MP since 1970: Volcker & Monetarism, or Latin America in crisis KW Ch 15; CoreEcon "Credit Boom"
Fri MP since 1970: Greenspan & Bernanke: ZIRP & QE KW Ch 15 2nd Levinson Paper Due
20-24 Nov
Week XI
27 Nov - 1 Dec
Mon Policy Tradeoffs: Phillips Curve K&W Chap 16
Wed Tradeoffs: Schiller, Burns and Fine Tuning K&W Ch 16
Fri Tradeoffs: Trade Deficits K&W Ch 18, ML
Week XII
4-8 Dec
Mon Great Moderation: Return of Ordinary Times ML & Robert Gordon
Wed Future US Growth: Headwinds Smitka & Robert Gordon
Fri Ordinary Times: Current Policy Topics term summation
Final Exams
11-15 Dec